Most people will want to start with a standard 6 string acoustic or electric guitar, but there are many other varieties that you may be interested in learning about.

12 String Guitars

12 String Acoustic Guitar

12 string acoustic guitar

The 12 string guitar has a very full sound with a natural chorus effect. The four lowest strings on the guitar are doubled up with a string that is one octave higher. The two highest strings are double up with a string that is the same pitch. 12 string guitars come in both acoustic and electric varieties. They sound really nice for strumming chords, but it is more difficult to fingerpick or play individual notes on a 12 string because of the doubled strings.

Double Neck Guitars

Double neck guitars are essentially two guitars built on the same body. They enable live performers to switch between two different types of guitars on the fly. The most common combination is a 12 string/ 6 string double neck guitar. Sometimes the extra neck is used for a different pickup combination or a fretless guitar.

Baritone Guitars

Baritone guitars are built with a longer scale length than a standard guitar, which allows them to be tuned to lower pitches.

7, 8 and 10 String Guitars

There are also guitar variations that use more than the standard 6 strings. Most commonly, the extra strings are used to extend the bass range of the guitar. These guitars are not particularly common.

3/4 and 1/2, and Travel Size Guitars

Guitars that are built smaller than standard size are very common. They often provide a better fit for children. They are more portable than an average size guitar and great for bringing with you on trips.

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