Watch for great deals on President’s Weekend

I went to Guitar Center the other day looking for a five string bass.  I scored a scratch and dent Musicman StingRay 5 on clearance for $660 w/ a hardshell case.  It has some major dings on the body, but nothing that effects playability.  So far I am extremely impressed with this bass. The active electronics are awesome.  It sounds particulary awesome for rock and funk, especially slap and pop.  My bass has the optional piezo pickup, but so far I don’t think that is an essential feature.  I love the neck on this bass.  The necks come sanded down, and are extremely comfortable to play.  The body is a bit heavy for me, but the tone and playability make it worth it.

Ibanez makes some extremely comfortable basses, but for me, the tone is just a bit lacking. Some of their newer high-end basses have Bartolini pickups, and are definitely worth checking out.  I am a big fan of Fender basses, but their five string models have necks that are a bit too wide for me to manage comfortably.

I was considering buying a Carvin bass.  The reviews are good, but they don’t seem to have good re-sale value.  Unfortunately, since they are a mail order company, it is difficult to try one hands-on.

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