Strat tuning problems

I’ve been having tuning problems with an American Standard Strat.  I thought it had something to do with the tremolo system, so I decided to try installing a device called a Tremsetter.  The Tremsetter makes it so the tremolo system returns to the same zero point after using the whammy bar.

The installation was a bit involved.  It required drilling a few holes in the tremolo cavity on the back of the guitar.  There is a pretty good video on YouTube that was helpful.

Tremsetter installation video

The Tremsetter seems to be working as it is supposed to, but I am still having issues with tuning.  The bridge does have more stability.  The action on the whammy bar feels a bit stiffer than normal.  You can also feel the zero point as you use the bar.

Tremsetter in American Standard Strat

Next I think I will try adding some locking tuners and lubricating the nut.  I am hoping that will take care of the tuning issues.